Do it easy!


cinderel4 combines performance with easy operation. Manage text, images and movies with simple tools and learn quickly to manage even larger websites.


Multiple modules allow the presentation of different content. Create navigation, home page, sub pages, galleries, forms, blogs, and more just with a single tool!


Any design is possible. The benefits of cinderel 4 unfold in the background through the intuitive management of your website. This allows the corporate design of your company to be transferred easily.

Up to Date.

cinderel4 will be continuously developed and improved. Due to the special program structure of cinderel 4, every update is available immediately and automatically and without any further cost to you.


cinderel4 is now available in the fourth generation and has been used on many professional sites. You will be delighted with the continuous improvement in performance and service!


cinderel4 is designed for companies and individuals who like to consider product value. The professional content management system achieves a superior balance of performance and value for money.

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